What is a loan without BIK and Who should look for such offers?

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The non-bank loan market is constantly evolving. Lenders are increasingly scrupulously verifying consumers. However, there is still a loan without Retrodatabase in many offers. What kind of loan is it and who should use it?

What is the difference between a loan without Retrodatabase and other loans available on the market?

What is the difference between a loan without BIK and other loans available on the market?

Loan companies offer loans that can differ in several key aspects:

  • method of granting – online loans or loans to your home or branch,
  • repayment method – short-term payday loans with a one-off repayment obligation and installment loans,
  • the amount of the loan – more cash is available to people with high creditworthiness,
  • applicant verification methods – checking debtors’ databases, e.g. Retrodatabase or other methods enabling credit risk assessment.

Currently, the loan offer is very wide. Most of them are available on the Internet, including loans without Retrodatabase. Such offers come from lenders who, in assessing the risk of borrowing money, do not cooperate with the Credit Information Bureau to obtain information about the consumer. It is certain, however, that they will not borrow money without any chance of their return. Loan companies, instead of Retrodatabase, can control other registers of debtors, unless they find a way to secure the loan differently. A pledge may be required for loans without a Retrodatabase for large amounts.

What is Retrodatabase?

Retrodatabase is a Credit Information Bureau that collects data on consumers regarding their obligations. Retrodatabase receives information about repayment and non-repayment of loans and credits. Financial entities are authorized to inspect such a register with the consent of the consumer and each consumer. The fee for the Retrodatabase report is small, and thanks to it you can get information whether you can take advantage of any loan or whether you have a loan without Retrodatabase. Perhaps the report will be a source of information about debts and will be a clue to settle them before taking a new loan.

A loan without Retrodatabase and a loan without Retrodatabase?

It should be noted that a loan without Retrodatabase can only be obtained from an entity operating on the non-banking market. There is no bank loan without Retrodatabase. Banks have their clients’ money at their disposal. On the other hand, loan companies grant loans from equity capital, which is why the law is not so restrictive in this case. Lenders define their own policy mainly towards the regulations of the Consumer Credit Act. They can check Retrodatabase, but they don’t have to.  

Who can get the loan without Retrodatabase for?

  Who is the loan without BIK for?

First of all, a loan without Retrodatabase should draw the attention of people who:

  • have a delay in repayment of a loan or credit,
  • they were rejected due to the lack of any credit history.

The assessment of the consumer’s credibility and creditworthiness is influenced not only by unpaid liabilities. Each liability repaid on time creates a positive opinion about the consumer and adds points in the assessment of credit risk. Of course, the more points, the more credibility of the borrower.

Loan without Retrodatabase – applicant’s ability

Loan without BIK - applicant

As you can see, the presence in the Retrodatabase register does not have to be a cause for concern. Currently, almost everyone will find a loan, even those in debt. It is important to remember that lenders may take into account other aspects to analyze the financial situation of a loan applicant:

  • the amount of income obtained – the higher, the greater the chance for a loan,
  • maintenance costs – the lower, the better,
  • debt amount,
  • property and housing status,
  • number of dependents,
  • age,
  • profession.

I am in Retrodatabase. How do I get a loan without Retrodatabase?

I am in BIK. How do I get a loan without BIK?

Loan offers without Retrodatabase are available online, so you can adjust not only the type of loan, but also its parameters, such as the amount or repayment period. It is important not to fall into trouble once again and to conscientiously meet the commitment, which will improve your credit history. A loan application without Retrodatabase can be completed online. After verification, e.g. by means of a transfer and a positive decision, the lender will transfer funds in the manner chosen by the applicant.

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