We advise you on what to consider when choosing a loan for several thousand zlotys.

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There are about 400 loan institutions in our country. Choosing a suitable offer is not so easy. How to find an institution that meets our expectations?

First of all, let’s check the credibility of the lender. With the help of the Internet, we will determine whether he belongs to an industry association, i.e. the Conference of Financial Companies in Poland (KPF).

Important element is the readability of the financial offer. 

Important element is the readability of the financial offer. 

  • what conditions must we meet to receive a non-bank loan,
  • what maximum amount can we apply for,
  • what is the longest repayment period,
  • what is its total cost of commitment,
  • how much we will have to pay back (capital + non-interest costs).

The loan calculator that most non-bank entities provide on their pages will be helpful. Let’s also ask for a simulation, e.g. sending conditions by e-mail, to calmly analyze them.

Adequate repayment deadline for a non-bank loan

Adequate repayment deadline for a non-bank loan

The loan repayment period is also important in the analysis of offers  installment. With amounts up to 5,000 PLN and higher may not be too short. It should be long enough for us to be able to service the debt without any problems, i.e. pay installments on time.

It is worth noting that not only banks, but also non-bank companies, offer long payment terms. Some of them spread liabilities over 48 months.

You can settle your online loan faster

You can settle your <a href=online loan faster” width=”660″ height=”446″ />

Before making the final decision, it is worth analyzing the offers in terms of faster debt repayment. If we have such an opportunity, because, for example, we received a bonus from the employer, let’s take this step. For what?

This will reduce the total cost of a non-bank loan. We will reduce them by a portion of commission and interest, which falls between the date of actual repayment and the date on the schedule.

Installment loan refinancing – assistance in exceptional cases

Installment loan refinancing - assistance in exceptional cases

Some customers are afraid that they will not be able to settle  commitments on time. In such a situation, they should look for an institution that offers to refinance and borrow books installment chwilówek. This maneuver gives you the opportunity to extend the repayment period, although it is usually charged with an additional commission.

In practice, refinancing involves the transfer of debt to another entity that belongs to the same capital group as the original lender. This creates a new commitment. Another loan company that pays our first debt becomes a creditor.

Warning! Every online loan should be well thought out, adjusting its amount to your needs.

Loans of several to several thousand zlotys allow for quick implementation of the plans that we have so far put aside for financial reasons. Choosing the right installment amount, i.e. spreading the debt over a longer period, will allow you to pay regularly without breaking your home budget.

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