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A bird story....

Our first large parrot was a sweet baby Polly African Grey we named MP3. MP3 let anyone hold and pet her until she was about 10 months old, when she became my bird only. My wife, Maggie, could only give her treats with caution. Heartbroken, Maggie tried everything to win back MP3's trust.

After months of no improvement, we decided to get Maggie a bird of her own. We talked to other bird owners, read and researched until finally settling on a baby Senegal Parrot. We named our new baby Senegal Jack.

Jack was constantly handled by both of us on a daily basis, but quickly formed an “attitude” toward Maggie who became heartbroken again. He loved to bite toes, especially when footwear wasn't present. One day I came home to find Jack patrolling "his" floor and Maggie locked in the bedroom. Jack had chased her down the hall--growling and lunging at her bare feet--to the bedroom. (I'm still not quite sure why she locked the door.) Gradually it got to the point where Maggie could no longer handle Jack at all. Now I had two birds; she had none.

After more research, we brought home a 1 year old Green Cheeked Conure we named Mac. Mac took to Maggie immediately. Max continues to preferred Maggie over me, much to Maggie’s delight.

Recently we added Mojo, a male Eclectus, to our collection of four other hookbills. Mojo is a very personable and comical bird. Luckily he bonded to both of us. He has also changed some relationships in our home. Jack has always liked watching Maggie putting on makeup and getting ready in the morning. Now he is obsessed with her and dances at her feet until she picks him up, so he can cuddle and give her kisses. He won't stay by me and snuggle like he used to if she is at home. He has to be with her! Luckily he is still well behaved towards me, except for his new game of a good solid bite on the ear from time to time.

Jack has also learned to respond to a "clicking" sound Maggie makes. He will sit on her shoulder and try to get inside her mouth to find that "clicker." He is very persistent about this. Also, I wonder if there may be a certain amount of jealousy since Mojo the Eclectus has come on board. Whatever the reason, Maggie finally has her Senegal back.

No matter what problem you may be having with your bird, don't give up. For reasons we may not understand, things change. Just keep on loving them.